Monday, May 4, 2009

Thank you: Resoundjng Glass, Freshing Writting & Yes!ChinaTour

Hello all:
Thank you so much for your support, i really feel excited to see you say something or willing add me as your friends. And, i have a little wish, huh, could you tell me why do you add me? I mean, what i impressed you, such as ***post etc. I appreciate your response to my request. Thank you all my friends! ;-)

Leisure Days


  1. Hello Leisure Days,

    Honestly, I joined you mostly because I loved your pictures and the openness of your blog. And I'm being sincere when I say that- also, it's great to connect with developing writers and blogs.

    Looking forward to viewing more material from you!

    -Fresh Writing

  2. Though I do have to say, I have yet to figure out how you place pictures in your blogs/posts...would you mind helping me out in that area?

    Thanks so much!

    -Fresh Writing

  3. Template for

    is changed! Would you mind viewing it and sharing your opinion?


    -Fresh Writing